Welcome to Cactus-Brandy.com!

This is a personal website, made to organize and collect my various hobbies and projects so they can be shared with the web.

This website is still under construction, so pardon my dust! It's also best viewed on desktop- though I plan on updating to add some responsiveness soon, mobile development is never going to be a focus of mine.

Current Projects:

  • The Cycle of Ioraz: A homebrew setting for D&D 5e.
    • Status: Currently on hold. I'm a bit burnt out on 5e for the time being, but I hope to return to the project eventually!
  • Moebius: A Planar RPG :Möbius
    • Status: In active development!
  • Various Beafts and Creatures
    • Status: Unknowable. The beafts can be found to manifest here whenever they feel like it.
  • Project Lacewing: A Retrofit Laptop Cyberdeck
    • Status: Just started!
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